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New Patients and Check-ups

Examination, Adult £35
Examination, Child £17
New Patient Consultation £50


Small Intraoral £18
OPT £35


Scale and Polish £40
Jet Polish £50

Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

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Gum disease is one of the commonest diseases in the world. It is caused by a build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth. Gum disease results in receding gums, and loss of the supporting bone which, if left untreated, can result in loosening of the teeth and even in healthy teeth being lost. In its early stages it is usually painless and can progress without you being aware of it. Gum disease is preventable by looking after your teeth by brushing, flossing and regularly visiting your dentist. If it develops it can be easily treated in its early stages, however, in the later stages it is much more difficult. Our practice principal, Dr McCann has a particular interest in gum disease and treats many patients with this problem. Initial treatment focuses on removing the accumulated plaque and tartar which causes the problem. However, Dr McCann also places great emphasis on giving you the knowledge and skills to prevent future recurrence of a gum problem. He spends considerable time teaching his patients what they can do to prevent the problem, rather than just treating it.
2 Visit £200
4 Visit £350



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Fillings replace parts of the tooth that have been damaged by decay or trauma. Fillings can be either metal (dental amalgam) or white (composite or glass ionomer). If you need a filling the dentist will discuss with you which type of filling is best for your situation. Sometimes the extent of damage or decay is too great for a filling to be practical. In these cases the dentist may recommend a crown.
Silver from £40
White from £55

Root Treatment

from £200

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The nerves in the centre of teeth can be damaged by trauma or deep decay in a tooth. This can lead to the nerve dying and becoming infected leading to a dental abscess. Root canal treatment can be used to treat this unfortunate situation. The dead, dying and infected nerve tissue is cleaned out of the root canal in the centre of the tooth and a filling placed into it. A root filling will often allow you to keep a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted and replaced with a bridge, denture or implant.


Simple from £70
Surgical £100


from £400

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Crowns are used to repair and protect damaged or weak teeth, or to improve the appearance of discoloured teeth. A crown will often be recommended where there is more damage than can be repaired by a simple filling. The tooth is prepared into a suitable shape to allow the crown to fit over it, and the crown is then bonded to the remaining tooth. Crowns are generally strong and long-lasting. Dental crowns can be made of metal such as gold to give very high strength in back teeth. However, most of our crowns nowadays are made from, laser scanned high strength porcelains. These crowns have great strength and durability combined with the best possible cosmetics.



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Dental bridges are a fixed way of replacing one or more missing teeth. The teeth on either side of the space are prepared by the dentist and the replacement teeth are then bonded to these teeth. Bridges can be a very successful and comfortable way to replace missing teeth, providing they are anchored on healthy teeth. The bridges we use are laser scanned by our laboratory and milled from a single block of high strength porcelain. They are then hand glazed to achieve a natural and cosmetically pleasing look.
 Per Unit  from £450



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Dentures can be used to replace missing teeth. A partial denture can be an alternative to a bridge where some teeth are missing. If all of the natural teeth are missing a full denture can be made. Dentures can be removed from the mouth for cleaning. They are constructed from a metal or acrylic base, or plate, which sits over the gums, to which the replacement teeth are attached. Dentures typically need to be replaced every 3-5 years.
Partial from £160
Full from £290
Chrome £600
Valplast £600

Cosmetic Treatments


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Everyone’s teeth darken and yellow somewhat as part of the ageing process. Teeth whitening can be used to lighten the colour of your teeth and reverse this ageing effect. There are two techniques for tooth whitening. Home whitening involves the use of a gum shield into which a whitening agent is applied and worn overnight for 2 weeks. Zoom whitening is a faster and more predictable technique producing results in a little over an hour. Here, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth and activated using a special light. This is what people often refer to as ‘laser whitening’. Ours is currently one of the few dental practices in Fermanagh providing the Zoom whitening service. With either technique the effect slowly fades over time due to the continuation of the ageing process. It should be noted that a degree of maintenance is required to keep your teeth looking bright. With Zoom whitening we provide trays and gel free of charge for you to use at home to maintain your results.
Zoom Tooth Whitening £350
At Home Tooth Whitening £225

Porcelain Veneers - Click for More Information

A veneer is a thin moulding, custom-made from porcelain, which is bonded to the front surface of a tooth. Veneers can offer a solution to stained, chipped, misshaped or crooked teeth. As with crowns some of the natural tooth must be removed to provide space for the veneer. Veneers are not always suitable, depending on issues such as the persons bite, and careful assessment is required before placing veneers.